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        LED display to help build a scientific and rational "wisdom of the city
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               In the 2017 International Wisdom City Expo opening ceremony, "Smart City" once again become the focus of people. And how to use new technology products to create a scientific and rational "wisdom of the city" has once again become the focus of attention from all walks of life.

               Smart City is the use of information and communication technology to sensitively analyze, analyze and integrate the key information of the city's core systems, and thus make intelligent responses to the needs of people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, and business activities The Its essence is the use of advanced information technology, to achieve intelligent urban management and operation, and then for the city to create a better life, promote the city's harmonious and sustainable growth.

               In this project, the LED display industry has played a huge role in the construction of "smart city", and all kinds of intelligent city, including the wisdom of public services, intelligent city complex, intelligent government management platform, intelligent transportation and other applications, LED products also effectively promote the "wisdom of the city" construction.

               LED big screen to promote the wisdom of the city process

               Has been "urban security construction" are "smart city" in the construction of an important part of the work is also a lot of top priority, and reliable security monitoring system solutions is an indispensable part of intelligent city construction. And a small distance LED display as the core to create the "digital, modular, centralized management" intelligent management system, to achieve a "integrated system integration, data display real-time, network, maintenance and management of intelligent" and a series of needs , Will effectively promote the "wisdom of the city" construction.

               In fact, in recent years, with the rise of small spacing LED display, security, government, transportation, etc., more and more government departments, units to buy such indoor LED display and system used as command platform Display system.

        The Development of LED and Intelligent Ecological Circle

               At present, in the wisdom of urban construction, LED mainly to the form of the display appeared in the market, but in the product control, function, business model has been slowly began to change.

               First of all, in the product features, LED display changed in the past only show, isolated the existence of the function, but the set of environmental awareness, intelligent identification of interactive, communication and other functions in a smart terminal, the scope of application also broke through the original attached to the wall Such as pedestrian street, square, district, scenic area, commercial street, gas station, bus station, high-speed service area, toll station and other public places.

               In addition, in the enterprise business model construction, in the intelligent era, the product in addition to the original display function, but also with the communication, perception, interaction, identification and monitoring functions, the formation of a variety of large data, LED wisdom City terminals can be in the traffic control, weather monitoring, personnel guidance, public security and other public areas shine.

               The LED business is also homeopathic development, in the corporate brand, product, market and other aspects of how to wisdom, the re-layout of the network, the introduction of LED display and intelligent ecosystem combined with new products for the LED display industry to provide a new kinetic energy.

        Refining a wide range of projects, LED demand will be more Sheng

               With the "smart city" process to promote, LED display can be in the command and dispatch system, intelligent management system, customization industry application system, and so play an increasingly important role.

               In the application of smart city, one of them for the 2C public customers, that is, to provide education, health care, transportation, environmental protection and other livelihood services. Therefore, in the construction of the wisdom of the city, the information will be passed to the public will be an important part. Such as intelligent parking lot, intelligent medical system such as real-time information display demand will be more prominent; and as in the construction of intelligent transportation system, its traffic conditions more quickly and timely, more change guide will become a trend, This also means that the traditional fixed display logo will be replaced to a certain extent, such as the emerging information that the guide signs will produce a large number of display needs. And in the road traffic system to occupy a certain position of the LED traffic screen, the demand will be stronger ... ... In addition to these, the future "smart city" construction will be more refined, followed by the demand for LED Will be more and more Sheng.

               From the "smart city" since the construction, we can see the LED display in promoting the "smart city" construction and development of the major contributions: in the people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, industrial and commercial activities, etc. can be seen everywhere LED Figure, it is to achieve the wisdom of the city management, to create a better city life has played a huge role.

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